About Me and Aimfor

I still call myself a newbie, I have only been involved in Cairn Terriers for approx. 20 years now. 
I started off involved with the show-dog world with Gundogs (a Brittany) until one day I was introduced to a feisty, cheeky dark brindle girl called Tigga.  (Gr Ch Catraz Simply a Star).  She was bred by a friend of mine with Labs and continued to escape and be cheeky.  Her mum, was reluctant to desex her as she was a very nice girl, so I said I would have a go with her...and here it began!
Tigga went on to be the foundation bitch for my kennel.  We had massive success in the show-ring and she totally made me fall in love with the breed!  She saw my trial and error learning to groom and hand strip, silently mocked me as she jumped off trolleys and ran off at shows and let me know quickly how a cairn can pretend to be starving but in reality they are fatter than a wombat!

 I have a wonderful young family 13, 16, 21 and a fantastic husband that is behind me in everything I do, even if it means holding, feeding, picking up poop or just listening to my never-ending excitement about pedigrees and dogs.
Each litter here is planned in detail and well thought out and discussed with mentors in the breed. 
My dogs are well loved and part of my family. All the dogs on this page do not live with me, they are either with family, friends, retired or (Skippy) deceased.  My dogs are my pets first and show animals second.  They will never be just stock.

Outside of dogs I was heavily involved in the Fertility Community.  I have been a Surrogate twice for friends and have donated eggs to another dear friend.  Giving these gifts has been a massive part of my life and to watch these amazing parents raise these special and SO loved children is amazing.

I am now also heavily involved into Dog Grooming and Grooming Competitions around Australia.  Win, place or draw, you learn so much.  In two years I have many placements and two Best in Shows under my belt!
I try not to take life too seriously these days! 


Since attaining my first Sealyham I have become SUPER passionate about the breed and getting the numbers back up within Australia.  

I contacted those running DOG LOVERS EXPO (Melbourne) and got a booth for October 2022, and had a Logo professionally designed as well as other stuff for it.  (Sealyham Terriers Australia and New Zealand)

I am working with and plan to keep working with breeders here and overseas to keep the breed around for years to come.  Much money, time and effort takes into establishing a breed that has ltd lines in a country (exporting semen and/or dogs etc) Health DNA testing and much travel to compete against other dogs so its not just yourself for points!  I ADODRE getting the breed out and about and try to get to most Royal Shows and chat to people in general as well.  

In October 2022 I flew over to the Hatboro All Breeds and Montgomery Terrier Show to chat and meet breeders and the dogs! Learnt and loved it! Met so many passionate people keen on keeping this breed alive!

Im very involved with my puppy owners and my breeds, I like to meet up yearly with a walk or play date.  Here are the latest Cairn and Sealy catch ups!

My puppy play area my hubby (due to covid had not much to do last year!) built me for the babies!